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Women in freelancing industry

Once upon a time female were deprived of getting a job and also less encouraged in doing job. As the time has advanced, female are now doing job beside the male colleagues. But still, females are found to have a tendency to look for a bit relaxed and secured job. There was a time women used to search for desk jobs like teaching or banking related job only. However now a day as the industrial reformation has come in to the light, people are found to go for freelancing sector. And quite obviously female are found to get most comfort in this industry. Women are mostly comfortable with the freelancing works like graphics designing, SEO, web development, data entry, article writing related jobs etc. To my understanding I have found women are very much creative minded and they are doing quite well, especially in graphics designing tasks. Having this observation in mind, I have stepped into this sector in 2012. Since then I am doing well so far as per the clients' feedback. Not only me but also some of my known females are also doing quite well. Even I have found some women have become entrepreneur in the outsourcing sector. And so many others are on the way to become entrepreneur including me. Last but not the least; women are growing very rapidly in the freelancing area. Even in some areas they are definitely doing better than the male, graphics designing is one of that. Personally I am enjoying in designing. Hopefully I will become an entrepreneur as well one day. Thereby I will be able to uphold my country to the world market by contributing quality works.